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The aim for this project is to create a space to document, inform, and contemplate a broad spectrum of outdoor related activities, experiences, and places.


Becoming a


Becoming a 'Ranger' was really the point at which I decided to start this blog. I'd already been warming to the idea for a while and with this trip on the horizon I knew I'd want somewhere to document the trip.


RANGER CAMP: riding the pacific coast to Santa cruz | photo @johnprolly


 The ranger programme hosted by Blackburn, chooses 6 individuals arms them with their latest gear and then sends each individual out on an adventure cycling route. In return, we test and provide feedback on the products, and document our journey through a weekly blog and regular photo updates that we post through social media. 

My route was the 4228.5miles coast to coast route known as the Transamerica trail, to which I rode from the West Coast to the East Coast (Astoria to Yorktown) over a four month period in 2017. As Rangers we were privileged to be supplied with and testing some amazing gear from: Blackburndesign, Ninerbikes, Bellhelmets, WTB, Kitsbow, Sram, Giro, Brooks, and Bigagnes. Thanks to all those guys for their support.




I hope that this blog will not only be a log of some great memories, but also provide some useful information, entertainment and inspiration. It's definitely important for me to encourage taking on trips and everyday excursions by whatever means. It's all about fostering a relationship with our environment, encouraging more of us to get outside, and interacting with the beauty that surrounds us.

The bicycle is usually my go to tool for exploration, however expect to see articles on a multitude of different ways we can enjoy 'getting out there'. I look forward to being experimental, trying new things, asking new questions and reporting my findings through this blog.

The Peel is a space for everything; photo, video, general musings, experiences and thoughts.