'Cruisin for a Bruisin'



a moment over the bars 

On a local ride I had an unforeseen and unfortunate moment over the bars, landing from some height straight on to my left elbow.

Deep down I think I maybe knew it was broken but I tried to shrug it off and told myself it was just a bad knock. (partly due to my impending trip to the U.S.) Having to continue Riding home a further 10miles I managed to fashion a sling from my blackburn handlebar role strap that I happened to have in my bag. After eventually going to the hospital, feeling maybe it was worth getting an X-ray just to be on the safe side... I was given the bad news and later admitted.

This is not the first time I've ruined summer plans and activities, which is the nature of some of these activities from time to time. It can be especially frustrating when you've been saving up for a long time for such a trip. When the blackburn ranger programme came along I knew it was the perfect opportunity for me personally. Allowing me to combine so many things I wanted to do. To challenge myself in so many ways: spending a prolonged period of time in the outdoors doing what I love: riding bikes, camping, experiencing new places and people. With the added bonus of being part of a programme to promote adventure cycling and to test some of the best gear out there.

Initially, I was pretty down. I had plenty of negative thoughts encircling my mind not to mention thinking back to the incident why did I do that, if i'd just done this instead or stayed at home, I wouldn't be in this situation..BLAH BLAH BLAH. Its easy to get hung up, to go over this again and again, to get depressed and feel sorry for oneself. Luckily? I've been in this situation before, as many of us have, and I know that mindset gets you nowhere… This time I was determined to be more mature, not blame myself and not feel so negative about the whole situation.


In a wave of positivity I'm beginning a list of all of the things I now have time to do, the things that may become secondary and seldom done or what new skills can I learn/improve? Using the time to plan trips and projects, plan for the future, visit friends, read books. Its not the end of the world after all, the first six weeks will be the worst with no ability to use my arm and three months to fully recover. 

Sitting in a hospital bed surrounded by much less fortunate folks than myself certainly put things into perspective. People with sometimes life changing injuries. It could definitely have been worse, and I should consider myself fortunate. Maybe this was destined to happen and I’m just getting it out the way before I leave for the big trip: a blessing in disguise? perhaps

 ‘everything happens for a reason

Certainly a good belief to adopt in such times. I definitely use it a lot.

Or maybe Karma's just a bitch sometimes.