When things don't go to Plan


We were intent on starting the new year as we meant to go on; We had grand plans to be up early and up a mountain in the Lake district ready for the first sunrise of 2017.


This however was not to be. First off, Chris managed to forget to set his alarm - so that was the sunrise missed. Then when we finally arrived at our destination, we were greeted with strong ice cold winds that had us retreating back into the warmth of the car. Conditions were not ideal even in the shelter of the valley. After some deliberation and realising it would be fairly unbearable up on the high fells, we decided to abandon our original route and head for the safety and shelter of the trees in the nearby Grizedale forest. 

Upon arrival at the western edge of Grizedale on the east coast of Coniston I soon realised I was missing most of my riding kit, and I later learned my bag was still sat at home ready to go by the back door. Regardless, I wore what little I had brought and we rode anyway despite me feeling slightly under dressed for the occasion. I opted to take the opportunity to snap a few photos instead. Not quite the day we had planned, but the weather improved as the day went on and overall, we  had a good time about it.

Grizedale forest offers a multitude of different tracks and trails for all abilities. From rocky bridleways, to mud, roots, and of course the way marked trail centre loop: The North Face Trail. All of which are within close proximity and so can easily be linked together. This provides mountain bikers with an extensive amount of different loop variations (when you know your way around) and is part of the reason why it is so popular.

The visitors centre is well facilitated including a cafe and a bike shop and there is plenty of parking options for you to choose from depending on where you would like to start from. 

Chris's Transition before the mud

Strong winds got the better of this tree

The view of Coniston

On the muddy side...

Looking forward to many more outdoor excursions this 2017.