Spring: The Light at the End of the tunnel


 “I’ll miss winters rare and magic rewards, but I will relish in the frequency of springs indulgences.”


After a hard winter of repression the signs of spring are finally upon us; the first flecks of green appear like beacons of hope in the trees and hedgerows; new born lambs play in the fields; bird song returns to the woodland; the smell of wild garlic floods the air ways and the first batches of warm air tease at the days to come.

With the excitement of spring in the air I couldn't wait, and so I set about the grande reopening of the bedroom window; a momentous uplifting occasion, and a step closer to sleeping outside again. Lying there I soon realised how numb I had become over winter as the freshness of the spring night fills the room intermittently with the forgotten sounds of nighttime activity: Owl calls, Cats, and even the loud chatter of a passing train. I drop off filled with a sense of comforting optimism, as the season seeps in through my nostrils and into dreams of nights under starry skies.

Spring is an uplifting time for the Outdoorist; the light at the end of a long wintery tunnel and the perfect time to begin indulging in those plans, ideas and destinations we longed for on those cold dark nights.  

Written for Outdoorism online